Favourites found this week

What with all the excitement about the launch of our new website, we’ve been a bit behind on sharing our favourites found this week. Here are the best finds of the week in the world of art, design and branding.

Method teams up with Disney

When I found this via the Dieline’s Twitter feed and brought it up on my screen, it caused a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ in the room. Method have teamed up with Disney Consumer Products to create a Mickey and Minnie handsoap, and I love the way the pack structure has been adapted so simply to make it instantly recognisable. The fact that they come in fragrances (or is it flavours?!) like lemonade and strawberry fizz, makes me want them all the more. See the full images here.

Starbucks b-side Japan

Thanks to Gav for pointing us to Hiroshi Fujiwara’s design for a new Starbucks called ‘b-side’ in Japan’s Omotesando fashion district. It’s a world away from the over familiar dark brown and purple interiors of the Starbucks I’ve been to. Most refreshing. The sign was a lovely way of making something more of the warning message found on the Starbucks cup message, and I didn’t even spot the typo at first:

Found via Hypebeast

The Stupid Orchestra

I love this – who’d have thought that household appliances could achieve such high musical status? Michael Petermann has created The Stupid Orchestra out of 200 household appliances. The 35 minute performance can be seen every hour at the MKG Hamburg, until 30 April. Here’s a teaser video:

Blödes Orchester from white tube on Vimeo.

Found via Today and Tomorrow


And finally, a few fantastic April Fool’s Day products out today:

Canned Air from Prague
Original Canned Air from Prague – found on The Dieline

Landor’s Oxen Scheiße energy drink, particularly the fruits chosen for the flavours ;-)

Found via Popsop

And we can’t miss out a mention of Google’s April Fool’s Comic Sans joke on Helvetica, found via everyone talking about it on Twitter.