Favourites found this week

Here are a few of our Favourites found this week, from various links that have been making their way around the offices and blog trawls for inspiration. This week it’s rather an odd mix from product design to interiors, t shirts to campaigns.

Love this simple idea for signage by Valentin Ruhry, which is currently on show at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. It just makes you want to play with it. Found via Today and Tomorrow – more about the project on Triangulation Blog.


Posters promoting the Everyday

Thanks to Matt McC for pointing us to these posters promoting the everyday, mundane things. They make taking the rubbish out seem like an aspirational event. Love it. Created by Each Day Posters Everyday and found via Design Taxi.

Glennz Tees

Thanks to Paul M for pointing us to some nice ideas on the T shirt designs of Glennz Tees on Behance – buy them here.

Can I be your Friend?

This is a great idea that shows how odd behaviour on Facebook and Twitter is compared to real life. It was created as part of campaign for the ENO to launch a new opera called Two Boys, which starts in London on 24 June. Found via Digital Buzz Blog

Spiral Cellars

What a great innovation in wine cellar design, not to mention a good use of underground space. These wine cellars by Spiral Cellars are well insulated and temperature controlled; cool air is pumped in, warm air pumped out.  I wonder how confusing things would get when you have to go downstairs to get your third bottle of the evening though? Found via Dornob