Friday Favourites

Thanks to Jade for sharing these enchanting window displays by Hendrick’s, which are currently on show at Jeroboams in London and Peckham’s in Edinburgh. To create their Most Unusual Window Displays Hendrick’s have teamed up with artists, taxidermists and jewellery designers to create an intriguing display based on the 12 Days of Christmas.

Love this QR Code Wrapping Paper found on Designer Daily, created by The Chase. Nice work.

Thanks to Dan for finding this via Creative Surveillance. Miguel Endara created this amazing picture of his dad from 3.2million ink dots. I’m not quite sure how he counted them, or avoided smudging the whole thing but it’s a stunning piece of work.

Thanks to Holly for finding these ads by SwissLife on Ads of the World: ‘I thought they were a lovely play on words – simple, stark, but so disruptive. You literally have to read them twice to get the joke, and in that way the message quite literally takes up more space in the brain. This is something clients often shy away from, in fear that their audience ‘just won’t get it first time’, failing to realise that often that’s a GOOD thing as it forces real engagement with the message. Plus it’s refreshing to see such a usually dry industry being a bit more playful and intelligent with their tone of voice, and appealing to people in a more emotive way.’

Thanks to Dan (again) for finding this great idea from Kyle Tezak, who set himself a ‘Four Icon Challenge’ to express a film in four symbols. There are a lot of things knocking about in this genre, where a film poster is expressed in simple graphic terms but this idea is one of the more unique ones in our opinion. More here.