Friday Favourites

This is a great use of 3D printing technology, spotted by Dan on Shortlist: “As part of an exhibition at the Eye of Gyre gallery in Japan by creative agency Party, from November 24 until January 14 2013, you can make a reservation to get yourself papped to create a replica of yourself, albeit in paper form.”

Grace A found another example in Barcelona by BlablabLAB that combined Kinect and 3D printers to create mini-replicas of passers by. Check out their video of how it’s done.

Natasha shared these rather lovely vintage beer stamps from the 1870s, found via Vintage Me Oh My. These beautifully crafted stamps came in unperforated sheets containing 4 rows of 5, which were cut up and pasted over the bungs of beer barrels, as a seal. More colour versions and details about the stamps can be found on the National Post Museum site.

Ireland’s creative community got together recently to work on a series of brilliant posters about negative client feedback, which include some great phrases, beautifully illustrated. The project, Sharp Suits, wasn’t just a cathartic exercise for Mark and Paddy who headed it up, it was all in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Thanks to Emma T for finding this one.

Thanks to Jade for sharing the latest Jack Daniel’s ad for their new Tennessee Honey product: “Visually well executed, great soundtrack and loved that it still has loads of attitude even though it maybe seen as a more mellow drink than the original JD.”

Photographer Richard Silver has taken these amazing 180 degree panorama photographs of church ceilings in New York, capturing that sense of awe that you get when in a huge, beautifully ornate building. Thanks to James for finding this, via Visual News.