Friday Favourites

Although it’s been all over blogs and The Twitter this week we had to mention the fantastic retro Tesco shop that was created for the Goodwood classic car festival last weekend. Apparently this is the second time they’ve done it so hopefully it’ll be there again next year. Everyone here was quite excited about this, might have to suggest having a work day out there next time…

Tesco opened a one off retro replica of a fully kitted out Tesco store from 1966 with manual tills, 60’s décor and stocked with a range of mock and real products from the bygone era. Thanks to Jonny for being the first to alert our attention to this. More photos on Delicious Industries.

For all you typography lovers out there, Holly stumbled across some great examples on Shane Cranford’s blog, ranging from hand drawn to vintage car badges. More here.

This is a great idea for a film poster –  creating a mural out of rubbish collected from the beach. Created by BBDO SF, the poster is promoting the Barefoot Wine-sponsored film One Beach, which celebrates creative and innovative people who strive to keep beaches barefoot friendly. See more about the making of the poster below. Thanks to Jade for sharing this one, found via Creative Review.

Being a bit of a (not so) secret twitcher, I was quite drawn to these crazy steam-punkesque bird houses that have been created from found objects. Lots more on the GadgetSponge website, found via Boing Boing. You can buy them on Etsy too. Far too many silly words in one paragraph there, sorry about that.

Thanks to Hayley for actively encouraging people in the London studio to take part in this: If you haven’t heard or seen evidence of it already, The Guardian began a big book swap all over Britain at the weekend. Basically, members of the public choose a book they’ve read and want to share, print and fill in a sticky label from the Guardian book swap website, stick it in the book and leave it somewhere on the streets of the UK for a fellow reader to pick up! Finders and givers take a snap of where you find/leave your book and upload it to the guardian book map online. Join in, it’s nice.