Halloween Friday Favourites

Thanks to Nicolle for disturbing us by sharing these shoes with soles made of ‘human’ teeth (well, okay, fake ones – they used dentures). Is it just me, or do they look like they’re grinning? The Apex Predator Shoes were created by artists Fantich and Young, with the idea that they have ‘no predators of their own, residing at the top of the food chain’. They also made a rather fetching Predator Suit made of human hair, false eyes and teeth to go with them. Check out the rest of their work – if you like sculptures using dark materials, their gym equipment made of Stanley knife blades is pretty impressive. Found via Bitrebels.

Spooky houses have always played an important part in all my favourite horror films, so I loved these Halloween themed paper sculptures by Marc Hagan-Guiry. From 1st – 14th November, you can see a series of ‘Horrorgami’ – 3D paper cut houses from famous horror films – at the One and a Half Gallery in London. Cut from a single piece of paper, the sculptures bring back nightmares from films such as The Shining (see the Overlook Hotel below), The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, Psycho and more. Each house is available to buy, so you could be the ‘un’-lucky owner of one of the 13 limited editions created. Found via Paper Dandy, mentioned on that Twitter.

Speaking of macabre, Greg B found these images of the Wesker & Son human butchery shop at the Smithfield Market in London (a stone’s throw away from the DBL office, beware!), which took the meaning of the word to a whole new level. At first sight, the meat products on sale look like human parts, but it’s actually an elaborate and rather gruesome publicity stunt for the release of the Resident Evil 6 video game. The entire butcher shop was created to look like a mortuary, complete with human limbs hanging from ceiling hooks and corpses on mortuary tables. If the aim was to induce shock and horror, methinks they’ve succeeded. The East London shop was only open for two days but was a hit with gamers and horror buffs. (via Daily Mail)

Thanks to Dan P for finding these bizarre, incredibly creepy – although often funny – vintage Halloween costumes on Flavorwire. There’s something particularly scary about Halloween costumes made on a low budget, especially when they involve some kind of sack over the head with eyes cut out. Anybody dressed as an inanimate object is always good too. Come to think of it, the side-of-bacon-man and the egg-woman should get together…

Jas found this realistic zombie sculpture by master sculptor Ray Villafane and his team of carvers, made entirely out of (guess what…) pumpkins! Over the last weekend, they worked to transform three of the biggest pumpkins grown in the US into creatures of fright. The pumpkin zombie stands at 6-feet tall with its very mangled and real-looking innards spilling out of its belly. The sculpture will be on display at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, New York till October 31. (via My Modern Met). Watch the making of these pumpkin creatures here.

Audrey chanced upon this series of art created from human bones by photographer Francois Robert. Using real human bones, Francois arranges them painstakingly to create iconic shapes which have become symbols of war and violence. The series is titled “Stop the Violence“.
The bones have an interesting story behind them, too. Apparently, Francois won three lockers at an auction in the mid 1990s – two of which were empty and the last remaining one contained real human bones that were used as teaching aids in a science class. Since the skeleton was wired together and the bones could not be disconnected, he did what any artist would do: exchange his skeleton for a disarticulated one. He has since spent hundreds of hours creating these skeletal arrangements and photographing them. “The bones are something left behind, a form of memory,” he says. “I try to treat that person on my studio floor with respect.” (via That’s Like Whoa)

In our London office this week we held a Halloween Bake Off in aid of Breast Cancer Research (pictures to come, watch this space). So on the same baking theme, thanks to Ben S for finding these creative recipes that are just perfect for this time of the year. Check out Not Martha, a craft and how-to site, for ideas on how to create a macabre feast this weekend.

The Meat Hand is quite good – or check out how to make this Skull Cake: