Jade goes smart casual with Foster’s Gold

The new Foster’s Gold TVC ad has been on loads, and we’re already using the campaign line ‘smart casual’ around the studio. When I spotted the new 6 sheet on Grays Inn Road near Chancery Lane tube station, I had to join the party behind the poster…

Pizza Express opens up to consumers

This rebranding of much-loved restaurant chain Pizza Express is a great example of how brands are really opening their standards of quality and behaviour up to the consumer – using them as a both a guarantee and opportunity for interaction.

Gone too far with a bar?

The latest offering from Marmite is being launched – or is it trialled – across London with a blaze of innovative and perfectly on-brand activity. The product is a Marmite Cereal Bar and the big idea is that the people from Marmite really are not sure if their new product is going to fly or […]